Growing chia sprouts!

Soo, not sure if this is a phase or not, but I am really into gardening right now 🙂 I am starting off simple and small by growing micro greens. (Did you know, microgreens are more nutritious than mature greens?)

This whole thing actually started off kind of randomly. I noticed that kiwi seeds resembled chia seeds, so when my brother was sprouting kiwi seeds, I sprinkled in some chia seeds for fun. Within a day, the chias were sprouting!!

I then started over again and sprouted some more. Here a photo of how they are doing 4 days later:


Only 4 days!! I was actually shook when I first saw them. (I originally had them growing in ziplock bags, and transferred them into dishes today).

As you can see, the dish on the left is currently thriving on only a damp paper towel, where as the dish on the right has soil and a damp paper towel. I did this just to see which group of sprouts would thrive the fastest.. just as a little experiment.

This is a trial just to see how microgreens grow, and to test how capable of a gardener I really am LOL. (Back in december I was trying to grow basil… and lets just say, the next time I saw them.. they decomposed themselves in their own pot of soil).

I hope that doesnt happen again, and I purposely placed them in plain sight so that Ill never forget to nurture them (and give them compliments).

Comment below which group of sprouts you think will grow the fastest. 

Left (no soil), or right (with soil)? 

I’ll update you guys in a few more days! 😀 (also, I HIGHLY recommend growing micro greens!! they are so extremely easy to grow, and very nutritious.. plus, they give you something to look forward to each day!)

p.s. can these lil guys solve, even in the slightest, world hunger/malnutrition?? I’ve been thinking about it.. I mean they grow quickly, they’re abundant, and very healthy 🙂

p.s.s. also THIS IS SO COOL but sadly its only for university students:


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