*flushes toilet*

languages are mouth sounds you make to connect with one another. There are these things called words, which are really just different mouth sounds, and you can combine them into a string of other words to create sentences.

these sentences are a concoction of mouth sounds that are supposed to connect to the person you’re speaking to, as their brain processes the sounds like a puzzle to form meaning.

and so if you think about it this way, we could create a language out of random sounds. Like, the sound of flushing a toilet would mean ‘hello’, or the sound of cracking an egg would mean ‘goodbye’, etc.

It’s interesting to think about. How do languages come about? How did us humans create all these languages, mouth sounds, and somehow get each other to understand?

who was the first person to say hello? And how did this word become so widespread if only one person knew about this word?

if I were to blurt out a random sound that I already predefined, would you know what it meant?


Anyways, I think language is amazing. How did it all come about? And how do I know for sure that I’m even living In a real world? What if my entire life was just a prolonged dream, and all the definitions of words that Ive been taught were all wrong? Maybe saying hello really meant goodbye. I wouldn’t know.

Ah anyways

Humans are so cool.. I bet if I wanted to create a new language, I could.

*cracks egg*



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