7:55 am.

I look out the window in awe, amazed by natures sudden transformation.

Her color palette: a faded brown and orange, contrasts the blue sky. My hands automatically gravitate to the window as I slide it open.

I am greeted by a fresh, but familiar breeze.

In the distance, I see the frost from rooftops being swept away by gentle puffs of wind.

Steam rises slowly and disperses into mist.

On the balding trees, the dewy leaves are still, twitching ever so slightly, reflecting light like twinkling stars.

The suns rays are filtered through by the frost-filled autumn air and the remaining light softly gleams onto nature, creating shadows and glowing edges. Standing side by side, the juniper needles glisten as drops of water pitter-patter down.

Nature is so still, as if it were too cold to move.

Over on the right, I see cars on the highway rush. Smog rushes through the exhaust pipes of vehicles and convulses its way into the light blue sky.

As I focus back my attention to the lovely morning scene, I wince to a soft sound, almost like a cry.

I hear it again, but I shut the window and continue on to my day.
















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