Got a sketchbook!

Woop, I got a sketchbook!!! like a legit one haha, because I used to always only sketch on scrap paper, or in notebooks. Oh, and no I didnt get no fancy moleskine one because those are preettyyy flippin expensive. (Random thought: Mole skin??? like a mole on your skin? who even- nvm.)

Soo here’s the first 2 pages!



I know

I am terrible at all things anatomy LOL

But hopefully by the time I reach the last page in the sketchbook, there’ll be some improvement!! so stay tuned for frequent updates : )))



19 thoughts on “Got a sketchbook!

  1. ♬ ❀Ameee❀ ♬

    I really like your art style and it’s very eye-pleasing
    //you should see my sketch book the first hald is just anatomy practice and no matter how much I try I just can’t seem to get rid of my “anime-ish” style rip


    1. cloud82

      ty ameee, you know I’m all about that aesthetic lyfe LOL
      and BRO your art style is so cute I am jealous hehehe you also improve really quickly!! ❤


  2. mangos ♫

    aww i really like your style
    my sketchbook is literally crap and weirdly sketched people and lenny faces so we can both cry together


  3. sindyblue10

    oooh I like them, and how do you take such nice pictures…
    do keep us posted. having a sketchbook is real handy, it easily keeps your art together. I can’t anatomy so…


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