Braces update

Alrighty here’s a quick update about how I’m doing with my pal, braces.

It has been almost 5 months since I’ve gotten braces and honestly, I can tell you that time litteraallyy flies. I was hesitant at first to get them because I didnt think I could survive 15-18 months with these on, but now that I have them, I have gotten used to them and barely remember I even have them.

Here are some current cons that I can think of-

-I’ve stopped flossing my back teeth because its literally impossible, and if I tried, my whole teeth cleaning routine would last 30 minutes. (No, that was not sarcasm).

-After you eat just take a few minutes to swish some water around. (This is kind of annoying because most of the times when I’m at school, I dont have a lot of water with me.) If you dont do this, you’re most likely to have bits of food lodged everywhere.

-On some days, your teeth would hurt for no reason. (But it isnt really pain.. its kind of comparably to having your muscles ache after exercise.. but its your teeth. lol.)

Aand, some “pros”-

-your teeth will look hella nice after 15-18 months.


If you’re thinking of getting braces, please comment!! I can tell you more/give more details on the process/whatever you want to know.



20 thoughts on “Braces update

  1. sindyblue10

    I’ve spent about a year contemplating if I should get braces or not because my teeth are NOT nice, it’s obvious when I smile with my teeth. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t even think about braces despite my other crooked teeth. Recently I’ve decided not to get them. I suppose I didn’t want ‘society’ to pressure me into it because I’ve never thought about braces until I saw so many people get it because their teeth looked the slightest out of whack. And who knows I might even miss them, it’s not like they look horrible to the point it makes me a lot uglier. Plus I literally CANNOT stand the trouble that’ll come with braces.


    1. cloud82

      LOL tbh, my friends didn’t even notice me with braces until I told them (I got the white ones). And for the first day, its going to feel different and you might sound different but after a day it will all be fine.

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  2. mangos ♫

    i’m planning to get braces sometime during the summer lol I’m actually pretty excited since my teeth are crooked af


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