So I told the hair dresser I wanted a SHOULDER LENGTH cut.

She gave me the shortest bob imaginable.

First, I HATE bobs.


Now I must scavenge to find a beanie.

But for now,

I look like a boiled egg.

Comment below haircut horror stories xD


9 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. rainbowstar135

    this lady
    i was donating my hair
    she cut off my ponytail
    and then
    she like
    trimmed it
    it look cool
    but later
    it flared out
    i had to iron it 24/7

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  2. Sapphire Fire

    1. I donated my hair, which had been super long. They cut off my hair at my shoulders, and I thought it actually looked SUPER cute! I hate short hair, but I actually liked it a lot. It really fit me well and I was looking forward to my new hair. In fact, it looked a TINY bit like Taylor Swift’s hair.
    And then they cut off so much. And styled it into a bob, which I hated so much. And I was stuck with it. And it was an ugly bob.
    2. This happened so many times, but…
    So my mom was forcing me to get a haircut (which is the only reason I get my hair cut at all). I asked for less than an inch off…. THEY CUT LIKE FIVE INCHES OF MY PRECIOUS LONG HAIR OFF LIKE WHAAATTT.


  3. ♬ ❀Ameee❀ ♬

    I looked like a boy in kindergarten
    like I literally had the boy haircuts and my teacher thought I was a boy too..


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