Sleepover skit

When I ask my mom if I can go to a sleep over…

Me: Hey mom, my friend invited me for a sleep over!

Mom: Which friend? *suspicious face*

Me: Its Sally.

Mom: does she have dad?? brother??? DOG?

Me: Erm, her dad is out of the country and her brother lives on campus. And, yeah, she has a dog.


Me: huh? o-O why does that.. matter..?? its a male dog..

Mom: NOO you can not go. I am sorry.

Me: wh- wh- AW PLEASE MOM! :- (

Mom: Male dog will rape you.


Comment below what your parents usually say when you ask to go to a sleepover! haha


11 thoughts on “Sleepover skit

  1. fairycari

    my parents pree chill about sleepovers
    But, like, no guys allowed

    Lol i went to my friend’s house for a sleepover and she had a male dog
    No rape happened 😂


  2. talltall9

    My mum thinks during sleepovers, we all sleep on bunk beds which is a weird thought… and she doesn’t let me go because she worries the top bunk might fall on me which is a scary thought. I try to convince my mum there’s no bunk beds in sleepovers but she makes another excuse for me not to go to the sleepover -_-


  3. Sapphire Fire

    My mom doesn’t let me go to any sleepovers… which makes me miss out on everything.
    I’ve only been to two. One at another fellow Asian friend’s (she’s my little sister’s age) house. One at my other Asian friend’s house. It was just the four people in our group. We’re really good friends.


  4. Kitty

    My mom:
    -Who’s this “friend”?
    -Is she Asian? o.O (she doesn’t actually say that, but I can tell she’s thinking that)
    -You’ll die… you’ll either get murdered or a drawer will fall on you


  5. minso

    Me:please mom please mom
    Mom: what?
    Me: May I go to my friend’s home to..
    Mom: sleepover?
    Me: -puppy face-
    Mom: yeah sure why not! 🙂
    Me: seriously? Yay!
    Mom: no I’m not serious -Lenny face-


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