Ah, another post about my suffering. (Not to sound like a whiny spoiled child that doesn’t appreciate having braces, but…)

So 2 days ago I got my braces tightened for the first time! basically what they did was put 2 new (thicker) wires for my upper and bottom teeth, and a “chain” for my front 4 teeth.

BUT before that, obviously they had to take off my old wires- and dang when she took it out a cloud of the smell of 2 month old plaque just flew into the air and into my nose.

In my head I was like “did my breath smell like that??? ooh gosh”

Anyways during those 5 minutes, life was great. I got to brush my teeth for the first time without wires in the way 😀 woo

The first few hours my teeth didn’t hurt much, but it kept getting worse as the evening went by. (Tip: right after you get your braces tightened, hurry up and eat your favourite food! because you’ll be drinking soup for 5 days)..

The braces kind of messed up my back teeth so now I can’t bite down properly. It kind of twisted my teeth so now biting is hard (because most my teeth dont even touch).

Oh well, 17 more months to go 🙂





17 thoughts on “Braces

    1. cloud82

      dude same, my mom was like that too (this was 5 years ago) and I was like nooo nonon i dont need braces. I dont want braces. I look cute with messy teeth.
      Now I regret not listening to my mom xD
      tbh its best to get them ASAP. Like, get it over with. Because tbh its worth it. Suffer for like 2 years but get beautiful teeth for the rest of your life haha


  1. rainbowstar135

    i need to get braces
    i feel bad
    but 17 months isn’t bad at all
    i’m going to have to get them for 2 1/2 years ish


      1. rainbowstar135

        yeah 😦 you’re lucky
        17 months is good
        and glad to hear that you’re active on this blog if you’re quitting fantage spy 🙂


  2. minso

    It hurts
    A lot
    Yeah I got my braces.. Uh.. End of the January I think?
    It hurts
    A lot
    That tightening thing yeah :^((


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