Nike Air Force 1, CHECK!


Finally got my wishlist item! I actually bought them second hand, so they were like $80 cheaper. Which is a great deal since the owner only wore them once!!

Today is the first day that I wear them outside, so the following review is based off my first impressions.


  • Comfy
  • Make’s me look taller
  • Sturdy
  • Warm 🙂 (unlike converse which make my feet feel cold all the time).
  • Water doesn’t go in
  • Dirt can be easily wiped off


  • Hard to break into. When I walk its KIND OF like trying to bend a piece of cardboard. I’m sure I’ll break into them soon.
  • White threading gets dirty easily
  • Laces are kind of long

If you would like me to make more reviews on this shoe as I break into them/get used to, please comment below! (it might help you on your future purchase).

Byee 😀




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