Room Tour!

Again, everything is shot with the Canon Rebel T2i (which is obviously not mine, I can not afford such luxuries haha!)


Yes I do have a very plain bedroom. For cryin out loud, MY WALLS ARE WHITE!! who in the right mind favors white walls? not me. I prefer a pastel color, like blue, or pink (hehe, girl, I know).

Other than that, I do realize I have no room decor. Besides my string lights. That is because decor=pile up of dust=no no.

However, I do dust my room every week or 2. And I do that with…



I use it to vacuum and dust! it is extremely light and very transformable. (No cord!)

Comment below what your room is like!



21 thoughts on “Room Tour!

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  2. SWEETandLOW

    I’m going to go into detail with this XD.

    2 of my walls have this awful shade of yellow and kind of like a babybarthish brown and green undertone, the other 2 walls are almost white cream with yellow and brown undertones. Then I have a humongous bed, witch I don’t use(it occupies almost half my room), then I have a small sofa witch I also don’t us, (it occupies like a third of what the bed does).
    I also have a desk, a dresser, an inside wall closet, oh and a pretty big bookshelf(full of junk and mal occupied space), and my night table with 2 drawers

    That’s pretty much it.

    After all of this… your probably wondering were I sleep… hehehe… on a pile of cushions(its soo comfy).


  3. fantagemembers123

    I ain’t got no color but in my dad’s place and mom’s we have my room blue (I am obsessed with that color!)
    and I swear my room is not even close to being neat (Not Even Close!) I need serious cleaning mr room aka #impossiblemission so yeah lets hope I won’t fall back like I always do on everything due to the fact that whenever I come my room is always filled with blankets on the floor


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