Braces Day 2!

I might be doing these braces related posts often now! mainly to possibly help anyone who has/is getting braces :D
If you want more of these posts, comment below!

Today is the second day of wearing braces! I have gotten used to the metal and the wires (because on day 1 I had no idea wear to even put my lips, and I couldn’t speak properly haha).

Sleeping is fine, the braces dont bother me and all, nor do they affect my sleep quality. However eating is obviously still painful (I’m guessing it’ll be alright in about 3 more days? hopefully! >.<)

I have teeth on the bottom row and top row that feel REALLY painful. Like whenever I bite down the pain just shoots up the roots of my teeth and the nerves feel extremely sensitive.

Oh and not to mention those teeth feel a bit loose and wiggly o-O

Aside from those teeth, all my other teeth are sore, and they do hurt. Just not as much as those couple of evil ones >-<

At school for lunch, I drank soup, of course, because there’s really nothing else that doesn’t require chewing.

So there were potato chunks in the soup and I was so tempted to eat them, so I tried. OHH hellll nooo why did I do that!!! it hurt to bite down so bad, so I ended up just continuing slurping at my soup.

Now 6:30 pm and I think my teeth are better than in the morning 😀 however those couple of evil teeth still hurt the same, if not even more.

I’m hoping it’ll be better tomorrow as I want to start eating solid food! (AND APPLES AND GRAPES AGh, they’re sitting on the counter taunting me..)

Also I made a new best friend :3


Yup. Wax. The orthodontist gave me some wax to put on the braces (brackets) so it doesnt keep poking at me. Ohh how I love me wax ❤

Anyways, stay tuned for my next braces post! >.>


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