Getting Braces+Gum graft???

Heyy guys! exciting (NOT) news 😀

I am getting braces on January 19, 2016, which is tomorrow!

I guess I am looking forward to it? but then again it’ll be 2 years of hell…

Soo, the orthodontist said I wont need to get any teeth extracted, but I probably would need to get a gum graft. And at the time, I had no idea what that was, but I was just happy I didn’t need to pull out teeth! 🙂

Then I go to Google “gum graft” and the horror started…

Honestly after watching graphic videos, and other people’s experiences, I’d rather get teeth pulled.

Basically a gum graft is needed (because I don’t have enough gum on my bottom teeth area), so they’ll need to scrape off some from the top of my mouth, and stitch it to the bottom.

I’m shaking already 😮

Anyways, if you have had a gum graft before, comment below your experience! 🙂



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