Opening an Etsy shop!

Hi guys! so i’ve really been wanting to buy a Macbook pro/air, which is why I am opening an Etsy shop! its currently under construction (I’m updating the pictures) but you can still check it out (and maybe place an order ;), nudge nudge). If you play Fantage, I’ll even give you a discount on my items (if you buy something)!

Anyways, here’s the link to my shop:

All my art is $15 CAD (around $11 USD) and they are printed on thick paper (haven’t decided which kind yet, but don’t worry it isn’t printer paper LOL).

If you do buy something, I will LOOVE you!!! hehe ❤




One thought on “Opening an Etsy shop!

  1. c a r l y

    You should put a logo across the pictures you drew for the previews and save a copy of it without the logo. right now anyone can take your drawings and erase the logo to claim as their own.

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